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f <br /> • 72 <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, APRIL 26, 1978. <br /> A regular .meeting .of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg; Virginia on <br /> April 26., 1978: The meeting was called to order by the Mayor at <br /> 7 : 38 P.M. , with the invocation being given by Mr. Cole, and fol- <br /> lowed with the Salute to the Flag. _ Present were: Mayor Mary Anne <br /> Newman, Councilmembers Charles E. Bange, Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. <br /> Herrell, Jr. , C. #nd. John.W Tolbert J also Deputy <br /> Town Manager Juan aRgb' �r/a�ia n�C� � i <br /> T$ e n Vg 'M � gtin. Absent <br /> was Councilmember James A. Rock, . <br /> Proposed Ordinance amending Sections 15-57 , 15-58, 19-45 19-47 and <br /> repealing Section 19-46 of the Town Code (Water and Sewer Rates) . <br /> On motion of Mr. Cole, seconded by Mr. Tolbert, an ordinance , <br /> amending Sections 15-57, 15-58,. 19-45, ,1947• and repealing Section <br /> 19-46 of the Town Code (water. and sewer rates) was proposed. Mr. <br /> Titus said this item has been discussed several times and it seems <br /> to be the consensus that these rates are inappropriate. If these <br /> are inappropriate, what is appropriate? He felt it is time to make <br /> a decision. Mayor Newman said this. has been discussed for some time <br /> and four or five rate structures have been suggested. She asked that <br /> each Council member comment on the proposed rate structures. <br /> Mr.. Tolbert felt that more time is needed to give more considera- <br /> tion to' the problem - the rates are too high for some of the elderly <br /> people -"as a matter of fact, for a whole lot of us." <br /> Mr. Cole had considered making an amendment to thi's proposed ordi- <br /> nance, but felt it needs more study for legal purposes and for the <br /> whole structure. - they need more time. • <br /> Mr.. Herrell felt that the rates definitely have to be increased <br /> ' in order to support .the system. However, he agreed with Mr. Tolbert - <br /> people on fixed incomes will have to' be given some special considera- <br /> tion. We are all going to have to face the fact that the rates have <br /> to go up. <br /> Mr. Bange agreed with Mr. Herrell - the rates definitely have <br /> to be increased, but he is opposed to the resolution as it is written. <br /> He isopposed to the continuing availability charge. He felt that <br /> the ordinance needs more work on it. <br /> On motion of Mr. Bange seconded by Mr. Tolbert, a moti'&A/PWdcable <br /> this proposal and bring it back to Council the second meeting in May <br /> with new proposed rates: Council will work on it ,at its next workshop: <br /> From the gathering of some 100 water users came the questions of <br /> "Why not discuss it tonight when the people .are here?" and "Where is <br /> the Town Manager tonight?" • Mayo"r Newman stated that the Manager is <br /> attending an International City Managers ' Association conference. <br /> Mr. Bange said this isnot a workshop session, it is a regularly <br /> scheduled meeting of the Council . <br /> Mr. Titus said, concerning the rates as proposed tonight, he -will <br /> unequivocably not vote for any increase in the water rates until the <br /> capital improvement program that is a part of the water rates is set <br /> on a basis thatis equitable. He, too, was against the continuing <br /> availability charge. It is proposed to spend $1, 400, 000 on capital im- <br /> provements and to pay for this over a five-year term. The town may develop <br /> two wells, to the tune of $300, 000, and if they produce, they will <br /> certainly last over five years, as would the capital improvements. <br /> He felt Council should 'set a rate that the taicpayers, etc. can under- <br /> stand; also, the Council should decide itself what it wants to do with <br /> the water rates. <br /> ' Mayor Newman said it is quite obvious that we need an increase <br /> of some kind in the water and sewer rates ; actually, it should have <br /> started four to five years ago - as the costs for operating the•. sys- <br /> tem increased, the rates should have increased. As an example: Four <br /> years ago, the cost for electricity at the Sewage Treatment Plant was <br /> $8, 000 - today it is $23, 000. The cost of chemicals was under $10,000 - <br /> now it is $33, 000. You can' t keep assimilating all these charges. <br />