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UPI <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF JUNE 14, 1978 OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCI <br /> AND PUBLIC HEARING ON BUDGET AND TAX LEVY FOR 1978-79. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on June <br /> 18, 1978. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor at 7 : 40 P.M. , <br /> with the invocation being given by Mr. Tolbert, and followed with <br /> the Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor Mary Anne Newman, <br /> Councilmembers Charles E. Bange, Stanley D. Herrell, Jr. , James A. <br /> Rock, C. Terry Titus and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also, Town Manager <br /> John Niccolls, Assistant to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor and Town <br /> Attorney George M. Martin. Absent was Councilmember Glen P. Cole. <br /> The minutes of a special meeting of April 19, 1978 were approved <br /> as written. The minutes of April 26, 1978 were approved with one cor- <br /> rection, as follows : On page 72 under comments by Mr. Titus, it should <br /> read "The town may dev��elo two wells " The minutes of a special <br /> meeting of May 3, 1978 were approved as written. <br /> Mr. Joby Reynolds , President of the Downtown Business Association, <br /> read to Council a letter from that Association making recommendation <br /> that the Council consider the purchase of the "Foodmaker" lot for de- <br /> velopment of off-street parking. He elaborated on the most important <br /> points of this recommendation, suggesting that Council consider de- <br /> veloping this project along with the paving of South Harrison Street. <br /> Mr. Dick Wright, President of the Chamber of Commerce, also made a <br /> ut plea to Council to consider taking immediate steps to develop more <br /> parking. He stressed this need also 'to provide more parking for <br /> `v tourists (there were 1400 through the Museum in the month of May) - <br /> this would further stimulate business if these people have a place <br /> to park. Mr. Stanley Caulkins also felt that Council" must start now <br /> to make provision for more parking - business is growing and parking <br /> is .needed. In fact, it would be a great asset to the town. Mr. <br /> Reginald Gheen stressed the need for additional parking - he aught <br /> this was a real opportunity and believed it could be self-supporting. <br /> Mayor Newman hoped the new Council will seriously consider a bond issue <br /> of some sort to take care of some of the projects that have been de- <br /> ferred from the new Budget, with plans to include the improvement of <br /> South Harrison Street andpossibly the suggested area for parking. <br /> Public Hearing on Proposed Budget and Tax Levy for 1978-79. <br /> There was no-one to speak in favor of the Budget. <br /> Mrs. Margie Harrison, representing the residents of Fairview <br /> Subdivision, once again pleaded that Council take some steps to <br /> remedy the storm drainage problem and to construct curb, gutters <br /> and sidewalks - it has been 21 years since annexation went into <br /> effect and this work was promised- at that time tobe done "as soon <br /> as possible." Since this has not been budgeted, she asked how they <br /> might get this project done. Mayor Newman suggested that this could <br /> be done through a bond issue at a later time. The majority of the <br /> Council members feel that the repaving of Edwards Ferry Road (at a <br /> cost of $130,000) is the No. 1 priority - this had to be deleted in <br /> order to balance the Budget. Mr. Titus- said they have to get the <br /> bond first - this will be up to the new Council - the bond is not <br /> included in the Budget and he will not support the proposed tax rate <br /> for that reason. In fact, he said"If you want to do this, you have <br /> to "bite the bullet" and raise taxes. ' Mayor Newman explained that a <br /> one cent tax increase provides $13, 500 - $2, 500, 000 worth of capital <br /> improvements would have to produce a considerable tax increase. Mrs . <br /> Harrison was disturbed that, in the 21 years since they were annexed <br /> and have been paying taxes, none of this tax money has been spent on <br /> improvements in this subdivision. Mayor Newman felt it possible that <br /> a bond issuecould be financed later in the year. Mr. Titus explained <br /> some of the factors involved- in a,•bond issue and encouraged Mrs. Harri- <br /> son to continue her plea to Council to have. this • work done. <br /> The public hearing was declared closed by the Mayor. <br /> Proposed Ordinance amending Sections 15-57 15-58, 19-45, 19-47 and <br /> repeating Section 19-46' of. the Town, Code . <br /> On motion of Mr. Tolbert, seconded by Mr: Herrell , an ordinance <br /> was proposed to amend the water and sewer rates for the Town. On <br /> motion of Mr. Herrell , seconded by Mr. Tolbert, the following amend- <br /> ment was proposed: <br />