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13-6' <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, JULY 12, 1978. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers , 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, on <br /> July 12 , 1978 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called to order with a <br /> prayer by -the Mayor, and followed with the Salute to the Flag led by <br /> Mrs. Hill . Present were: Mayor Kenneth B. Rollins, Councilmembers <br /> Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell , Jr. , Marylou Hill and John W. Tol- <br /> bert, Jr. ; also Town Manager John Niccolls, Assistant Town Manager <br /> Jeffrey H. Minor, Director of Engineering Andrew G. Shope, Director <br /> of Community Development Robert C. Forbes, Chief of Police James -M. <br /> Kidwell and Town Attorney George M. Martin. Absent from the meet- <br /> ing was Councilmember G. Dewey Hill , Jr. <br /> The minutes of a public hearing of June 7, 1978 were approved <br /> as written. <br /> Mayor Rollins opened this first meeting of a new fiscal year and <br /> of a partially new Council stating that almost the same problems exist <br /> today as when he first took office as Mayor some years ago and when he <br /> left that office. He considered it a privilege and an honor to return <br /> to this seat as Mayor of the Town. <br /> Mayor Rollins read into the record a letter of resignation from <br /> C. Terry Titus as Councilman, effective July 3, 1978, for personal <br /> and business reasons. On motion of Mr. Tolbert, seconded by Mr. Cole, <br /> Council voted unanimously to accept Mr. Titus ' resignation. Mayor <br /> Rollins asked that each councilmember think about a replacement <br /> to serve the balance of Mr. Titus ' s term - two years. Council has <br /> 90 days in which to fill this seat, but it is hoped that an appoint- <br /> ment can be made in 30 days. <br /> Mr. Joby Reynolds, President of the Downtown Business Association, <br /> weldomed the new Mayor and members of the Town Council . The DBA has <br /> recommended to Council that it consider the purchase of the "Foodmaker <br /> Lot" as a future parking lot for all-day parkers - this being badly <br /> needed. This property has water and sewer taps, which makes it a <br /> desirable piece of property for other purchasers. It is their recom- <br /> mendation to use this lot, a part of the Sollars lot (which is also <br /> available for sale) and a portion of the Leesburg Grain & Feed lot <br /> which the town already owns for a minimum of 200 parking spaces. <br /> The estimated cost for the land and the parking facilities is <br /> $232, 450, and it is felt that the lot will be self-supporting. <br /> The DBA is prepared to put up this $1, 000 for the option fee and <br /> is aware that they may lose it. Mr. Reynolds urged the Council to <br /> take this option for a period of 90 days. <br /> Mrs. Margie Harrison, a resident of Wilson Avenue in the Fairview <br /> Subdivision, made a plea to Council to give priority to storm drainage <br /> problems in the Fairview Subdivision, Dry Mill Road and South King <br /> Street by Hirst ' s before they consider spending money for land for <br /> a parking lot. <br /> Mr. Norman Myers of White' s Department Store was in agreement <br /> that the storm drainage problems should be taken care of, but he <br /> felt that additional parking facilities are needed too. The town <br /> raises money in three ways - (1) tax on property; (2) gross sales <br /> tax and (3) a portion of the State sales tax. A parking lot would <br /> help increase business in the town, thereby contributing more tax <br /> dollars. He cited his own business as an example - it is up about <br /> 35 percent over last year and he felt a good part of this is due to <br /> the fact that they now have adjacent parking. He felt the parking <br /> lot would be self-sustaining and perhaps the DBA could come up with <br /> 10 percent and the rest be borrowed from a Bank. <br /> Mrs . Melissa Allen, a resident of 55 South King Street, plead <br /> with Council to do something about the storm drainage, especially in <br /> her area. She stated that she had 22 inches of water in her house <br /> in 1972 and 12 inches in 1975 and it costs her over $200 each time <br /> to have her rugs and floors cleaned. This is her home that she has <br /> worked many, many years to keep for the rest of her life. She has <br /> talked with the Manager and all she gets from the Town is promises, <br /> she wants something done about the branch. She said she talked to <br /> former Mayor Newman who came down to see the situation, and the Town .. <br /> did remove the debris from the Branch last week, thereby eliminating <br /> flooding during a heavy rain. She felt that people' s homes need <br /> these storm drainage projects more than the Town needs more parking <br /> facilities. <br />