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1,'� 0 <br /> MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING OF .LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, AUGUST 29 , 1978. <br /> A special meeting of the Leesburg-Town Council 'was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on <br /> August 29 , 1978 at 7 :00 P.M. , pursuant to Notice of said meeting <br /> delivered to all Councilmembers. Presentwere: Maydr :Kenneth B. <br /> Rollins, Councilmembers Glen P: Cole, Stanley D. Herrell , Jr. , <br /> G. Dewey Hill, Jr. , Marylou Hill and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also <br /> Town Manager John Niccolls and Town Attorney George M. Martin. <br /> The meeting was called to order by the Mayor, who explained that <br /> the purpose of this meeting is to fill the vacancy -created by the <br /> resignation of C. Terry Titus, effective July 3, 1978. <br /> On motion of Mr. Cole, seconded by Mrs. Hill , Walter F. Murray <br /> was nominated to fill this vacancy. Mr. Cole said Council considered <br /> numerous individuals - past Councilmembers, candidates for Council <br /> seats and members of Boards and Commissions. Mr. Murray has an out- <br /> standing record of public service - he served as a Councilmember for <br /> nine years, the first member from Leesburg on the Northern Virginia <br /> A Planning District Commission, Councilmanic member to the Planning <br /> Commission and is presently a member of the Leesburg Board of Zoning <br /> Appeals . He has been a very prominent member of Leesburg' s business <br /> community and very active in civic affairs. He has the experience, <br /> the interest of the Town and the background necessary to be an asset <br /> to the governing body of Leesburg. This nomination is to fill the <br /> vacancy of C. Terry Titus, who resigned and whose term would expire <br /> June 30, 1980. Mr. Tolbert saw no need for discussion - he felt the <br /> resume given by Mr. Cole speaks for itself. Mr. Hill, who served <br /> with him for a few years , found him to be very much interested in <br /> the Town and very capable - he felt that he will add a lot to this , <br /> Council and that the Town is fortunate in having him come back. A <br /> roll call vote on this nomination was unanimous. The Mayor, there- <br /> fore, declared that Walter F. Murray has been elected to fill this <br /> seat until June 30, 1980. <br /> On motion of Mr. Tolbert, seconded by Mr. Cole, Council voted <br /> unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 7 : 15 P.M. <br /> . 1 <br /> Mayor <br /> C er of tilt, Council <br /> A <br />