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• <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, APRIL 14, 1976. 23 <br /> ' A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers , 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on <br /> April 14, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called -to order by the <br /> Mayor, with Councilman Rock offering the invocation, and . followed <br /> with the Salute to the_ Flag. Present were: Mayor -G. Dewey Hill , <br /> Councilmen- James H. Chamblin, Robert A. Orr, James A. Rock, and C. <br /> Terry Titus. `Councilman Mary Anne Newman joined the meeting at <br /> 7 : 50 P.M. Absent from the meeting was Councilman Charles E. Bange. <br /> Also present were Town Manager John Niccolls and Town Attorney <br /> George M. Martin. <br /> The minutes of regular meeting of March 24, 1976 were approved <br /> II as written. <br /> Mr. Robert C. Forbes presented to Council Phases I and II of • <br /> the consultants ' report on the Old and Historic District, Phase I <br /> encompassing a physical survey: of the District and Phase II being <br /> an economic study and analysis of the District. Phase III will <br /> be forthcoming very soon. Mr. Forbes exhibited and explained sam- <br /> ples of a form used in the survey of three blocks in the District, <br /> along with eight maps that tie into information compiled from these <br /> forms . These will be for the use of the Board of Architectural <br /> Review in considering applications . Mrs. Teckla Cox, a member of <br /> the team that worked on the survey and a resident of the Old and <br /> Historic District, said that this was a very interesting and re- <br /> rad warding job and she hoped it will help preserve the old and his- <br /> toric buildings in this District. . <br /> Mayor Hill called attention to a .Petition from some 55 resi- <br /> dents of Valley View Avenue from Dry Mill Road to the abandoned <br /> W & 0 D Railroad bed for removal of the "No Parking" signs erected <br /> on the south side of Valley View Ave: Town Manager Niccolls re- <br /> ported that he had ordered the erection of these signs several <br /> weeks ago for the purpose of relieving a hazardous condition with <br /> cars parked on both sides of the street. He• had received only <br /> one complaint other than this petition. There is adequate park- <br /> ing in this area for the residents and he felt that the movement <br /> of traffic is improved by this action. There was no-one present <br /> to speak in behalf of the Petition. Therefore, Mayor Hill declared <br /> the petition null and void, however, Council would listen to these <br /> people if they decide to"follow it up at a later time. . <br /> 760 6--.-.:Ordinance - Adding a new chapter, Amending Sec. 11-38 and <br /> Repealing Sec. 11-39 of Town Code re Nuisances <br /> Weeds and other foreign growth on property and <br /> their removal therefrom. <br /> On motion' of Councilman Newman, seconded -by Councilman Rock, the <br /> following ordinance was proposed: ' <br /> BE--IT- ORDAINED by the Council of the Town of Leesburg, <br /> Virginia, as follows : <br /> SECTION I. That a new chapter is added to the Town Code <br /> to read as follows : <br /> CHAPTER 5 • <br /> ' BUILDINGS -AAD GENERAL BUILDING- REGULATIONS <br /> ARTICLE I. UNSAFE, ETC. , CONDITIONS <br /> `- . - Sec. 5-1 : Abatement or removal of nuisances. <br /> • “(a) - As used in this article, the meaning of the -word <br /> "nuisance"- shall include- but not be limited to anything dan- <br /> • gerous , -unwholesome, unsanitary,- -offensive- or unhealthy, or <br /> any building, structure, or addition thereto which by reason <br /> - of dilapidation, defect of"structure, - or other causes which <br /> may have become dangerous to life or- property or' which may be <br /> erected contrary to law, or- any substances -allowed to -accumu- <br /> - late in -or on any- place or premises , - or any'-portion- of a lot <br />