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44 MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, MAY 26, 1976. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on May <br /> 26, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor, <br /> with Dr. Orr offering the invocation, and followed by the Salute to <br /> the Flag. Present were: Mayor G. Dewey Hill, Councilmembers Charles <br /> E. Bange, James H. Chamblin, Mary Anne Newman, Robert A. Orr, James A. <br /> Rock and C. Terry Titus ; also Town Manager John Niccolls, Assistant <br /> to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor- and George M. Martin, Town Attorney. <br /> The minutes of regular meeting of May 12, 1976 were approved as <br /> written. <br /> Mayor Hill welcomed to the meeting Boy Scouts John Penn Whites- <br /> carver and Keith Burmaster, who were observing. <br /> A letter from Mrs. Florence H. Welch, representing the Citizens <br /> for Recreation, Inc. and asking- for a waiver of business license, <br /> was noted by Mayor Hill, however, there was no-one present to speak <br /> in behalf of this request. <br /> An ordinance- amending Section 2-28 and adding a new Section 2-31 <br /> to the Town Code was proposed on the Agenda. On motion of Mr. Titus, <br /> seconded by Mr. Chamblin, it was proposed that this ordinance be moved <br /> to a Workshop meeting. There followed lengthy discussion as to whether <br /> or not all items appearing on a Council Agenda should be brought be- <br /> fore Council Workshop. It was felt that direction concerning this <br /> should be given the Town Manager at the next Workshop meeting. Coun- <br /> cil then voted 6 to 1, as shown, to send the proposed ordinance to <br /> Workshop for further discussion. <br /> Aye: Councilmembers Bange, Chamblin, Newman, Orr, Rock;and <br /> Titus . <br /> Nay: Mayor Hill . <br /> 76-75 - Resolution - Acceptinga STEP I Federal Grant for prepara- <br /> tion ofa Facilities Planning Study. <br /> On motion of Mr. Rock, seconded by Mrs. Newman, the following <br /> resolution was proposed and unanimously adopted by roll call vote, <br /> as shown: <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Leesburg, as <br /> follows : <br /> SECTION I. That the Step I Federal Grant for the prepara- <br /> tion of a facilities planning study for sewage collection <br /> and wastewater treatment works awarded by the United States <br /> Environmental Protection Agency in the amount of $49, 720 <br /> hereby accepted. <br /> SECTION II. That the manager is hereby authorized and di- <br /> rected to authorize grant agreement documents related to the <br /> above-mentioned planning study. <br /> Aye: Councilmembers Bange, Chamblin, Newman, Orr, Rock, Titus <br /> and Mayor' Hill . <br /> Nay: None. <br /> 76-76 - Resolution - Authorizing a Contract with Grayson' s Refuse <br /> Service, Inc. of Middleburg, Virginia, for <br /> Garbage and Refuse Collection and Disposal. <br /> On motion of Mr. Rock, seconded by Dr. Orr, the following reso- <br /> lution <br /> was proposed: <br /> WHEREAS, Grayson' s Refuse Service, Inc. of Middleburg, Vir- <br /> ginia, on May 14, 1976 submitted the lowest and best bid for <br /> garbage and refuse collection and disposal services ; and <br /> WHEREAS, said proposal includes an addendum entitled "Addi- <br /> tional Terms to Bid and Proposal of Grayson' s Refuse Service, <br /> Inc. for Collection and Disposal of Garbage and Refuse for the <br /> Town of Leesburg" which provides terms for two one-year option- <br /> al extensions of said garbage and refuse collection and dis- <br /> posal service; <br />