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214 <br /> MINUTES OF PUBLIC HEARING ON AIRPORT MASTER PLAN, JANUARY 6, 1976. <br /> A Public Hearing was held by the Leesburg Town Council on the <br /> Final Airport Master Plan and a Request for Aid for Airport Develop- <br /> ment from the Federal Aviation Agency on January 6, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. <br /> in the School Board Annex, 30 West North Street, Leesburg, Virginia. <br /> The meeting was -called to order by the Mayor, who welcomed the approx- <br /> mately 150 persons present. Present were the following: Mayor G. <br /> Dewey Hill, Councilmen Charles E. Bange, James H. Chamblin, Mary <br /> Anne Newman, Robert A. Orr and C. Terry Titus . Absent was Council- <br /> man James A. Rock. Present from the Airport Advisory Committee were <br /> John A. Wallace, Jr. , Chairman and Members C. Ronald Lowry, Walter F. <br /> Murray and Bruce Burrows. <br /> The Public Notice of said meeting was read by the Clerk of the <br /> Council and a copy is attached hereto. <br /> Mayor Hill asked those addressing this hearing to limit their <br /> remarks to three (3) minutes, with a possible extension to five min- <br /> utes. He felt that five minutes was adequate for any one person to <br /> express his or her views . <br /> Councilman Titus stated that, since his brother lives in the <br /> area affected by the Master Plan, he will not take part in the dis- <br /> cussion and will not vote on the Master Plan. He said he is here to- <br /> night at the request of the Mayor - he had not intended to be present <br /> for this meeting due to the conflict of interest. He also added that <br /> he has abstained from voting on all Airport matters for some time. <br /> Addressing the hearing as proponents were the following: <br /> Mr. Stanley Caulkins, a resident of Leesburg, who said that the <br /> Airport is a physical asset of the Town, just the same as the streets, <br /> the Sewer Plant, the water works and other property owned by the Town. <br /> The Town manages the budget money continuously, some of it in escrow, <br /> in order to maintain these physical assets of the Town, but nobody <br /> wants to maintain the Airport . He was not in favor of expanding the <br /> Airport - in fact, it was never designed to be a "jet" airport. The <br /> word "jet" should never have been used and it has been played out of <br /> proportion. He said the Airport cannot support itself if the citizens <br /> do not give it an opportunity to improve itself. Safety factors are <br /> arising - the runway is beginning to crack and must be sealed and im- <br /> proved. It is the responsibility of the governing body of the Town <br /> to look after this asset and these physical improvements to the exist- <br /> ing facility must be completed. <br /> Mr. David Pearce, a resident just outside of Leesburg on Catoctin <br /> Mountain, and whose house is in direct line with the runway, said he <br /> has been flight instructing in the Leesburg area since 1964, when the <br /> Town requested him to come to the old airport and set up a flying <br /> school . He has been working with Chantilly Aviation since that time <br /> as chief flying instructor. He has been designated by FAA as an <br /> accident piiention counselor and pilot examiner. He travels all <br /> over the United States for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association <br /> as a safety instructor and consultant. He said he had never heard any- <br /> body say anything good about the Airport. However, he wished to cite <br /> some of the benefits afforded by its existence in the past. In the <br /> last ten years, they have trained approximately 250 veterans under <br /> the G. I . Bill . Some two months ago, the Veterans ' Administration <br /> required them to make a survey of all graduate students . Seventy- <br /> five percent of these veterans trained at Godfrey Field have jobs in <br /> aviation - they are airline pilots, FAA traffic controllers, etc. <br /> The flight training program at the Airport is known to be one of the <br /> best on the east coast. There are flight instructors who come just <br /> for the summer just to have the background of working with this school <br /> He felt that they have done a lot for the veterans , for the young peo- <br /> ple and for the boys and girls who have worked during the summers at <br /> the Airport in order to help pay their way through school . He said <br /> the runway is beginning to break up and the trees are too high. As <br /> 641lit <br /> a safety advisor, this concerns him. If there is an accident as a <br /> result of either of these factors and someone is injured or killed, <br /> everyone will be sued, including the Town, the Airport Committee and <br /> its members and anybody else they can involve. He asked that the <br /> Town consider the portion of the Master Plan that will enable the <br /> Town to repair and maintain the Airport and protect the town. If <br /> the Town wishes to add another runway to bring in larger planes, he <br /> would just as soon not have them taking off over his house. However, <br />