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The Town of <br />Leesburg, <br />v rg ma <br /> <br /> DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES <br /> <br /> CONSTRUCTION HYDRANT METER LEASE AGREEMENT <br /> (Revised May 11, 1999) <br /> <br />This Agreement made this ~day of , , between the Town of Leesburg in <br />Virginia, a municipal corporation, party of the first part, hereinafter referred to as the "Town" and <br /> <br /> ~ party of the second part, hereinafter referred to as the <br />"Lessor" is made in order to provide water supply needs for construction purposes during improvements within an <br />approved site development. That for, and in consideration of the payment of an established rental deposit and invoicing <br />fee, the Town agrees to provide a meter of the size and type specified below for use on a fire hydrant at a location <br />specified by the Lessor in compliance with the following conditions: <br /> <br />1. A rental deposit (check made payable to the Town of Leesburg) of $1,000.00 for 2" and larger meters and $250.00 <br /> deposit for 1" or smaller meters will be charged for use of the meter and will be refundable after the agreement has <br /> been terminated by the Lessor or the Town (see #9 below). <br /> <br />2. Lessor will be charged $10.00 for each invoicing and $3.75 per 1,000 gallons of water used. The meter's reading <br /> <br />must be reported to the Town's Utilities Department at <br />following the end of a quarter. Due dates are as follows: <br /> <br />1 st Quarter <br />2nd Quarter <br />3rd Quarter <br />4th Quarter <br /> <br />January 1 - March 31 <br /> <br />April 1 - June 30 <br /> <br />July 1 - September 30 <br /> <br />October 1 - December 31 <br /> <br />(703) 771-2750 no later than the l0th day of the month <br /> <br />Reading is due between April 1 - 10 <br /> <br />Reading is due between July 1 - 10 <br /> <br />Reading is due between October 1 -10 <br /> <br />Reading is due between January 1 - 10 <br /> <br /> Readings called in after the due dates will be considered delinquent and the Lessor will be billed a penalty fee of $25 <br /> for the first occurrence, increasing $25 each occurrence thereafter with a maximum penalty of $100. If Lessor <br /> continues to be delinquent, the Town may request that the meter be forfeited. <br />3. All hydrant meters must be returned to the Town for testing and calibration on the one year anniversary of contract <br /> <br /> signing. <br /> <br />4. The meter will not be altered in any way and the proper size hose or adapters will be used by the Lessor. If altered, a <br /> $250 fine will be assessed to the contractor. <br /> <br />5. Any alterations to the meter will result in forfeiture of the deposit. <br /> <br />6. The Town will charge the Lessor for any damages to the meter while in custody of the Lessor. <br /> <br />7. If usage is less than 1,000 gallons over a one year period, the meter will be returned to the Town and the contract <br /> terminated. <br /> The meter will be available for periodical inspection by Town personnel upon request. <br /> <br /> <br />