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Leesburg Planning Commission <br />January 5, 2017 Minutes <br />PETITIONERS <br />None <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />TLCP-2016-0001 and TLSE-2016-0001 Milestone Tower Limited Partnership III Public <br />Hearing — Scott Parker, Assistant Town Manager <br />Chairman Welsh Chamblin opened the public hearing at 7:06 pm and invited staff to make their <br />presentation. <br />Scott Parker, Assistant Town Manager, explained that this was an application submitted by <br />Milestone Tower Limited Partnership for a monopole antenna on the Dominion site at 620 <br />Sycolin Road. The Commission Permit (TLCP-2016-0001) is a request for approval of a <br />Commission Permit for a telecommunications facility (monopole) and associated ground <br />mounted facilities. The special exception (TLSE-2016-0001) is a request to allow a <br />telecommunications facility (monopole) and associated ground mounted facilities within an <br />existing I-1 Zoning District. <br />The Dominion site is comprised of 2 parcels totaling 14.02 acres, was annexed into the Town in <br />the early 1980's, and rezoned to I-1, Industrial/Research Park District in 1990. The property has <br />an office function for Dominion as well as a significant fenced in area for Dominion's equipment <br />and materials. Significant parking is located adjacent to Sycolin Road and is accessible to the <br />public. Access to the rear of the facility is regulated and approximately 4.2 acres of site is <br />undeveloped. The proposed pole would be located in the parking area and adjacent to the <br />existing fenced in area. The placement of the pole in this location will displace 6 parking spaces. <br />The' applicant is proposing a 106 foot tall monopole communications antenna for up to 4 carriers, <br />and ground mounted equipment totaling 750 square feet. One carrier, Verizon, is initially <br />proposed and will hold the highest level on the pole. There are 3 other carriers proposed to <br />follow at a future date as part of the co -location on this pole. A landscape buffer exists along the <br />property as part of the proffers originally, associated with Dominion and will not be disturbed. <br />There are some trees outside the buffer area that will be removed for grading and will be <br />replanted. The monopole will be 110 feet from the property line to the nearest residential <br />property and meets the ordinance requirement. <br />Mr. Parker gave an overview of the uses on adjacent properties. To the north of the subject site <br />are properties zoned PEC (Planned Employment Center) and include a vacant parcel owned by <br />the Red Cross and a developed parcel with a light industrial use. A piece of Cornerstone Chapel <br />property is also this property to the north but will remain mostly wooded. To the east <br />is theTavistock Farms Planned Community. A neighborhood of townhomes fronting on Tall <br />Oaks Square is directly adjacent to the proposed site southeast of the fenced in area. Significant <br />vegetative bufferingis provided between these residential units and the Dominion property. To <br />the south is Tavistock Drive, SE, with a vacant I-1 zoned lot to the south. Sycolin Road is to the <br />west of the site and is adjacent to the entire frontage of the property. <br />2 <br />