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Leesburg Planning Commission <br />September 7, 2017 Minutes <br />CHAIRMAN'S STATEMENT <br />Chairman Welsh Chamblin stated that she hoped the Commission had enjoyed the extended <br />break and the beautiful weather we've had. She noted that she was looking forward to tonight's <br />meeting as there were a couple of great projects coming forward. <br />PETITIONERS <br />None <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />TLZM-2017-0003 and TLSE-2017-0002 Village at Leesburg Cobb Theater. Expansion, <br />Scott Parker, Sr. Planning Project Manager <br />Chairman Welsh Chamblin opened the public hearing at 7:05pm and invited staff to make their <br />presentation. <br />Mr. Parker explained that there were 2 applications before the commission. The first was a <br />Concept Plan and Proffer Amendment to TLZM-2015-0009 to allow a 13,000 square foot <br />expansion of the Cobb Theater in a portion of Land Bay A. The second application was a <br />Special Exception request to allow the construction of the 13,000 square foot expansion of the <br />Cobb Theater in a portion of Land Bay A, subject to the approval of TLZM-2017-0003. <br />Mr. Parker discussed the location of the proposed expansion noting that it would be cantilevered <br />over the parking lot similar to the existing building and will be comprised of 2 theaters. He <br />noted that although they were adding 2 additional theaters, there would be an overall reduction of <br />100 seats due to interior renovations of the existing theaters. Parking will be altered slightly but <br />will be maintained in its current configuration. <br />Mr. Parker gave a brief history of the theater, noting that it was approved via TLZM-2008-0010 <br />which allowed a theater in lieu of a hotel through a Special Exception process. TLZM-2009- <br />0008 amended the original approval to allow for the current program elements of the theater <br />which include the number of theaters, number of seats, food and beverage area, etc. The current <br />application requests allowance of a 13,000 square foot expansion of the theater use only. None <br />of the other aspects of the application will change. <br />Mr. Parker explained that the current zoning is 13-4 and the planned land use is regional office <br />and neither will be changed by this application. Items reviewed with this application included <br />various concept plan items (mostly notes and tabulations), parking, stormwater management, and <br />current proffer language. Staff recommends the Planning Commission forward a <br />recommendation of approval to Town Council as the rezoning application is in general <br />conformance with the policies of the Town Plan, the approval criteria of TLZO Sec. 3.3.15 have <br />been satisfied, the proposal is consistent with prior amendments to the Village at Leesburg <br />Concept Plan and Proffers, and would serve the public necessity, convenience, general welfare <br />and good zoning practice. <br />2 <br />