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Leesburg Planning Commission <br />October 19, 2017 Minutes <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />TLZM-2012-0004 Brickyard Public Hearing, Irish Grandfield, Sr. Planner <br />Chairman Welsh Chamblin opened the public hearing at 7:03pm and invited Mr. Grandfield to <br />make staff's presentation. <br />Mr. Grandfield explained that this application is a request to rezone 8.07 acres of vacant property <br />in the Crescent Design District located between Catoctin Circle and Plaza Street north of <br />Leesburg Plaza Shopping Center to PRN (Planned Residential Neighborhood) to allow <br />development of 59 townhouse, 20 of which have first floor employment space. There is a wide <br />variety of surrounding uses including office to the west, retail to the southwest, public safety <br />facilities to the east, as well as single family detached to the north and multi -family to the <br />northeast, This variety of uses poses a challenge in developing and designing a use that provides <br />appropriate infill development and transitions. <br />Mr. Grandfield discussed the Concept Plan noting that there is an entrance from Catoctin Circle <br />and there will be an entrance from Plaza Street. An existing travel way from Plaza Street <br />approaches this property and will be completed with a cul-de-sac. All the streets internal to this <br />development will be private travel ways and parking courts. Mr. Grandfield discussed the <br />location of the live/work units which will be 3 story townhouses and surround a community <br />green. The first floor will be work spaces and the front of the buildings will have a commercial <br />look. The plan includes an open play area, a tot lot, picnic area, proposed parking on street and <br />behind some of the units to the northeast, and tree preservation areas. A stormwater <br />management area exists in the northwest corner and there is the potential for additional areas <br />such as pervious pavement used in the driveways. <br />The Crescent Design District calls for this area to be Mixed Use Residential in the Town Plan <br />and the proposed combination of residential townhouses and live/work units can be considered to <br />be consistent with the Town Plan designation. <br />Mr. Grandfield discussed the following elements: <br />• Land Use and Site Design <br />The land use seems reasonable given the wide range of surrounding uses and the site <br />design works overall providing a compliment of uses and amenities. <br />Land Acquisition and stormwater issues remain. In order to construct the cul-de-sac the <br />applicant will need to use some of the adjacent land, owned by Federal Realty. The <br />applicant has been in negotiations with Federal Realty and they are making great progress <br />on acquiring the rights for that land acquisition. <br />• Building Design <br />The applicant has proffered neo -traditional building design standards and the townhouses <br />are rear -loaded. <br />2 <br />