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The Town of Lees6urg in Virginia <br />Leesburg Planning Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br />November 16, 2017 <br />The Leesburg Planning Commission met on Thursday, November 16, 2017 in the lower level <br />conference room at Town Hall, 25 West Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176. Staff members <br />present included Susan Berry -Hill, Irish Grandfield, Rich Klusek, Shelby Caputo, Russ Seymour, <br />and Karen Cicalese. <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Chairman Welsh Chamblin <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE AND ROLL CALL <br />N/A <br />ADOPTION OF AGENDA <br />Motion: Commissioner Robinson <br />Second: Commissioner Lanham <br />Vote: 6-0-1 (Commissioner Kidder was not present for the vote) <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />November 2, 2017 <br />Motion: Commissioner Lanham <br />Second: Commissioner Barnes <br />Vote: 6-0-1 (Commissioner Kidder was not present for the vote) <br />DISCLOSURE OF MEETINGS <br />None <br />CHAIRMAN'S STATEMENT <br />Chairman Welsh Chamblin stated that she hoped the work session will go well as it is the first of <br />many discussions on the Eastern Gateway Small Area Plan. She also wanted to wish everyone a <br />happy holiday season as she will not be at the December 7th meeting. She noted that she looked <br />forward to seeing everyone in January. <br />PETITIONERS <br />There were a number of members from the development community and it was determined to <br />have them speak and participate during the work session <br />Susan Berry -Hill, Director, Department of Planning and Zoning wished to introduce Russ <br />Seymour, the Town's new Economic Development Director who was in attendance at this <br />meeting. <br />