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18 MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, JANUARY 25, 1978. <br /> A regular, meeting .of the_ Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council. Chambers, .10- West Loudoun' Street," Leesburg, Virginia, on <br /> January 25', : 1978'. The, meeting ,was called' to'-order by the Mayor at <br /> 7 : 37 P.M. , with the invocation being given by Mr. Herrell;. and fol- <br /> lowed with the Salute to the Flag. Present were: • Mayor Mary Anne <br /> Newman, Councilmembers . Charles E. Bange,,_ Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. <br /> Herrell, Jr. , James A-. Rock and John W. Tolbert, .Jr. ; also Town <br /> Ni <br /> Manager John ccolls, . Assistant to. J <br /> the Manager effrey. H. Minor <br /> and Town Attorney. George M; Martin. ' 'Absent from. the meeting was <br /> Councilmember, C. Terry Titus. . . <br /> • <br /> The minutes of- the- regular meeting of January 11, 1978 were <br /> approved as written. • <br /> Report on 197.7 . Old and Historic 'District Study. " <br /> • <br /> Mr. Tom- Kamstra of Kamstra; Dickerson & As'socii'tes;. gave a <br /> resume of the 1977 Old and Historic District Study and said it is <br /> hoped that this- wi'll. be a tool for subdividers, developers and <br /> others' making improvements in Leesburg. It is also hoped that <br /> this might serve as a Code to be followed by these people. The <br /> study is divided into four major sections,: (1) the Design Manual ; <br /> (2) Streetsdape; Iinprovements; (3)' Review of Pedestrian and Ve- <br /> hicular Circulation- and (4)- Review of the Parking Situation. Mr. <br /> Kamstra elaborated on the contents of these four sections. Also <br /> included in .the report are some 20 graphic drawings on ,(1) the <br /> reference and history of Leeburg'; ' (2) the planning and traffic <br /> in the core area itself and (3) recommendations for-the Old and <br /> Historic District improvements. It is hoped that, ' after' review <br /> of this study, Council will consider setting a .budget for some <br /> of these improvements. Mr. Kamstra said he and other members of <br /> his firm will be happy to work- With the Council- and the' staff on <br /> this project atthat time. There was some further explanation by <br /> Mr. Kamstra concerning thei.r 'recommendations on parking, with par <br /> ticular attention to the possibilities for two or three tier park- <br /> ing in the future, and the need at present for 150 to 200 spaces. <br /> • <br /> 78-0-3 - Ordinance - Amending Sections 15-9 and 19.-18 of the Town <br /> Code. . <br /> . <br /> • On motion of Mr. Tolbert, seconded by Mr. Herrell , the following <br /> ordinance was proposed and unanimously adopted: <br /> •: <br /> ORDAINED by theCouncil of the Town of Leesburg, Virginia, <br /> as follows : <br /> SECTION I. Sections 15-9 and 19-18 of the Town Code are <br /> amended to read as follows : <br /> Sec. 15-9.. Council approval for extension of sewage works. <br /> • (a) No' extension of the town sewage works shall be <br /> made for the purpose of serving users located within or <br /> without the town, except upon the approval of such exten- <br /> sion by the Council. Application for such approval shall <br /> • be made-t' the Council and filed with the town manager. <br /> Such application shall• be accompanied by plans and speci- <br /> fications which meet the standards of the .municipality. <br /> (b) The approval of an extension 'of the town sewage <br /> works shall be conditioned as follows : <br /> (1) The sewage works shall be extended in ac- <br /> cordance with plans and specifications ap- <br /> 'proved by the Council, and in accordance <br /> with the officially adopted sewer and water <br /> extension and connection charge policy. <br /> (2) The applicant shall secure such easements <br /> or fee simple title, free of defects, as <br /> are necessary, prior to construction and, <br /> upon completion, will convey, by appro- <br /> priate instrument, the completed system, <br /> easements and fee simple title to the town, <br /> free of costs. <br />