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3'8 <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL AND PUBLIC HEARING <br /> ON SNOW EMERGENCY PROCEDURES, MARCH 8, 1978. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, on <br /> March 8, 1978. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor at <br /> 7 : 34 P.M. , with the invocation being given by Mr. Cole, and followed <br /> with the Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor Mary Anne Newman, <br /> Councilmembers Charles E. Bange, Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell,- <br /> Jr. , C. Terry Titus and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also Town Manager <br /> John Niccolls and Assistant to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor. Absent <br /> from the meeting was Councilmember James A. Rock, however, Mr. Rock <br /> joined the meeting during the public hearing. ' > <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of February 22, 1978 were ap- <br /> proved as written. <br /> Mr. Fredric L. Spain, developer of Loudoun Hills Subdivision, <br /> Section 2, pleaded for the release of 36 water taps in order that he <br /> might move ahead with construction of these units. He had received <br /> a letter from the town stating that there was adequate water and <br /> sewer available when he made application for his construction and <br /> land development loan some seven to eight months ago. He understood <br /> that the town is under a moratorium imposed by the State Health De- <br /> partment, and emphasized that. the -cost of such delays is prohibitive <br /> to the developer. Mayor Newman said : the town has been operating under <br /> a State mandate since last April and, although the water level has <br /> improved tremendously due to the heavy snowfall, the town is not <br /> "out of the woods" yet. Due to problems with two of the wells, the <br /> town is not able to pump the necessary capacity; also, the Health <br /> Department would like us to remove one of our good sources of water <br /> because it is in a flood plain. Until we find a new source of water, <br /> they will not allow us any new taps. Mr. Spain felt that perhaps they <br /> should have their plans readied for the time when water becomes avail- <br /> able and asked if he might meet with a committee on this. Mayor New- <br /> man suggested that he come to a workshop session of the Council when <br /> he is ready with the plans. <br /> Public Hearing on Snow Emergency Procedures. ' <br /> Mayor Newman explained that a snow emergency would be declared <br /> if we had a minimum snowfall of two inches, or if haz rd u road con- <br /> ditions existed. The streets being considered would b' y g, Loudoun, <br /> Catcotin Circle, Dry Mill Road and Edwards Ferry Road. Such an emer- <br /> gency would exist only so long as it takes to clear these streets, <br /> and at no time should it exceed 24 hours. <br /> There were no proponents of the proposed ordinance at this time. <br /> Mr. Irving R. Abis, an opponent and who lives m Catoctin Circle <br /> in the Crestwood Hamlet development, said the parking situation is <br /> difficult at best at the present time. With this ordinance, it • <br /> would only make matters worse. There are parking spaces available <br /> in the back of the townhouses, but them fill up quite rapidly. <br /> On-street parking is not allowed. Mayor Newman understood each <br /> unit had its own parking space. On occasion, she has gone out <br /> Carlton Street and noted that no-one was parked in these spaces, <br /> but everyone was parked on the street. This was very hazardous <br /> with the snow, people did not park near the curb and it hardly left <br /> two lanes open. All the town wants is 24 hours to clear these streets. <br /> Mr. Abis said there is one space per unit, but most of the people have <br /> two or three cars. Mayor Newman said that those people living on _Mar- <br /> low Street all park in the rear of their buildings, thus leaving this <br /> street practically empty - perhaps some of those extras on Catoctin <br /> Circle could park there for just this short period of time. Mr. Abis <br /> felt the street is wide enough for the plow without moving the cars. <br /> Mr. Rock said that, during the snow, people were parked out behond <br /> the snow; also, people double park in the mornings and evenings. <br /> Mr. Abis had no problem with parking elsewhere for the short period of <br /> time if the plowing is done expeditiously. Mr. Rock said there should <br /> be no problem unless the snow continues for a period of 20 hours as it <br /> did recently. Mr. Abis asked why the specific streets named are singled <br /> out. Mr. Rock explained that these are the cross streets. Mayor New- <br /> man added that there must be some cross streets open for fire protec- <br /> tion as well. <br />