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C t4 C <br /> 0 4 10 <br /> 186 MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, SEPTEMBER 27, 1978. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers , 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, on <br /> September 27, 1978 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called to order <br /> by Mayor Pro-Tem G. Dewey Hill, Jr. The invocation was given by <br /> Mr. Tolbert, and followed with the Salute to the Flag. Present were: <br /> Mayor Pro-Tem G. Dewey Hill , Jr. , Councilmembers Marylou Hill, <br /> Walter F. Murray and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also Town Manager John <br /> Niccolls, Assistant Manager Jeffrey H. Minor, Director of Finance <br /> Donald 0. Taylor and Town Attorney George M. Martin. Absent from <br /> the meeting were: Mayor Kenneth B. Rollins, Councilmembers Glen P. <br /> Cole and Stanley D. Herrell , Jr. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of September 13, 1978 were <br /> approved as written. <br /> Petitioners : <br /> Mr. J. B. Anderson Chief of the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Com- <br /> pany, asked that Council consider repainting the fire hydrants in <br /> the Old and Historic District so that they may be more easily lo- <br /> cated. He said the brown color does not show up at night and asked <br /> that the hydrants be painted red and white, with the cap being a <br /> reflective scotchlite paint. The present reflective tape does not <br /> show up at night. He emphasized the strong points for this reflec- <br /> tive top. He understood that the Public Works Committee has already <br /> discussed this matter and recommends against the repainting of the <br /> hydrants. Mr. Hill said the Committee felt the burden of locating <br /> these hydrants should be on the Fire Department members . Mr. Murray <br /> said the Committee might discuss this matter again - perhaps a lumi- <br /> nous paint can be found. <br /> Mr. Anderson also said there will be letters forthcoming from <br /> the Fi-re Department and the Rescue Squad, in conjunction with the <br /> Fire Marshal, asking the Town to investigate and try to implement <br /> a 100-block numbering system, along with a Code amendment specify- <br /> ing a size number to be used on all buildings. Both of these items <br /> would greatly increase protection for everybody in the town. Mr. <br /> Hill felt that a change in house numbers would be upsetting to <br /> everyone concerned for many reasons. Mr. Anderson said such a <br /> program would take two to three years and, as the Town grows, <br /> there must be preparation for it. Mr. Murray saw no real problem <br /> with doing this over a period of time, but he was not sure the <br /> Town is large enough for this yet. It was decided that the Public <br /> Works Committee will consider these items at its meeting on Octo- <br /> ber 16th. <br /> Mr. Charles Williams, Chairman of the Loudoun County Taxpayers <br /> Association, said he supports the proposed revised tax rate as de- <br /> veloped by the Finance Committee. Concerning the Foodmaker parking <br /> lot, to hope that the investment will prove self-liquidating is at <br /> best a calculated guess. Since this lot is in an awkward location <br /> from the downtown shopping area, this lot will certainly produce, <br /> less money from metered spaces that the present lot, which averages <br /> just a little over $150 a year per space. It would be simpler, and <br /> less expensive, to finance this project through short-term tax an- <br /> ticipation loans through the local banks. With regard to the <br /> $5, 000, 000 water bond issue, he said that by 1985 metered water <br /> sales will amount to about 300, 000,000 gallons per year. The <br /> operation of an expensive pumping station on the Potomac will not <br /> increase water sales, but it may increase the cost of such sales <br /> by $600, 000 to $900,000 annually, including the operating costs <br /> and debt service. This would result in an increase of $2. 00 to <br /> $3.00 per thousand gallons in the water rate, possibly doubling <br /> the already high consumers ' utility bills. He felt the proposed <br /> project should be postponed until an in-depth cost benefit analysis <br /> is conducted by a professional analyst. <br /> Mr. Murray said he has some apprehension as to whether the park- <br /> ing lot will meet the debt service, but he feels that the property <br /> will certainly appreciate in value and, if it does not prove feasible <br /> and financially possible to operate it as a parking facility, it can <br /> be disposed of at a profit. <br />