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222 ' t . <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF. LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, NOVEMBER 8, 1978. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg. Town. Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, - Virginia, on <br /> November. 8, 1978 'at: 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was calledto. order by <br /> the Mayor, with the invocation being given by Mr. Tolbert,• and fol- <br /> lowed with the Salute to the Flag led by Mr. Murray. Present were: <br /> Mayor Kenneth B. Rollins, Councilmembers Glen P. Cole, Marylou Hill, <br /> Walter F. Murray and John W.. Tolbert, Jr. ; also Town Manager John <br /> Niccolls and Town Attorney George M.. Martin. Absent from the meet- <br /> ing were Councilmembers Stanley D. Herrell , Jr. and G. Dewey Hill, Jr. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting- of October 25, 1978, were ap- <br /> proved as written. <br /> Manager' s Report : <br /> (1) Mr. Niccolls called attention to the Activity Report dis- <br /> tributed tonight. • <br /> (2) The Town has filed an application for a small but important <br /> grant from the State for anti-litter activities. This would be for <br /> about $2, 000 for Leesburg. Since the Public Works Department has a <br /> problem with keeping the parking lot and public alleys and walkways <br /> cleaned, it is proposed to purchase a parking lot vacuum type machine <br /> for this work that is now done by hand. <br /> (3) A preliminary draft of the audit for fiscal year ending <br /> June 30, 1978 has been received from Yount, Hyde and Company. It is <br /> hoped to have the final copies for distribution on Friday. This audit <br /> shows a reduction of working capital in the Utility Fund of almost <br /> $287 , 000. Certainly the trend for this year will be reversed. <br /> (4) The contractor for the waterworks improvements project is <br /> moving along so well that it is possible to pave Old Waterford Road <br /> from Ayrlee Avenue to Morven Park Road in the current street resur- <br /> facing program, at a cost of approximately $2, 000. We have about <br /> 600 and some tons left and this particular street requires just about <br /> this amount. However, to do this would mean the elimination of Wage <br /> Drive and Anne Street and any work on Dry Mill Road. Also, Davis and <br /> Lee Avenues are marginal. He recommended that Old Waterford Road be <br /> done, but it will have to be widened in some places to meet the 18- <br /> foot requirement. Mayor Rollins called attention to the poor job done <br /> on East North Street. Mr. Niccolls said he has spoken to the inspector <br /> and they plan to make appropriate repairs. Mayor -Rollins also referred <br /> to the job on Edwards Ferry Road - where it will have to be cold- <br /> patched - this same thing applies to Catoctin Circle. Mr. Niccolls <br /> said there is a utility location to be accomplished before the Ed- <br /> wards Ferry Road repaving is completed. Also, the Highway Depart- <br /> ment has no objections to this procedure. In fact, he said it cannot <br /> be avoided in some instances. In miles and miles of streets; there <br /> are joints. Mayor Rollins also expressed a desire that the repaving <br /> program be done earlier in the year. Mr. Niccol°Is said it is pro- <br /> posed to have a list of the proposed work much earlier next year, <br /> along- with bids - then at the time of budget consideration, they <br /> will be ready to enter into a contract for this work. <br /> Mr. Tolbert called attention to items in the Activity Report con- <br /> cerning work done at the Airport. <br /> Mr. Niccolls said there will be more information on Friday con- <br /> cerning the Highway Department public hearing on the Route 7 East <br /> project. Mr. Murray said it was advertised in the paper this week. <br /> Proposed ordinance to repeal Article III, Chapter 16 of the Town Code <br /> re Procedures in Effect During Snow Emergencies. <br /> Mayor Rollins explained that he has had a lot of comments about <br /> this and he feels that"the cure may be worse than the illness. " On <br /> streets such as Catoctin Circle and Edwards Ferry Road, there are <br /> people who have no place to park other than on the street - they have <br /> no driveways. As to the logistics in towing these cars, he did not <br /> know where the Town would put them and he could see no benefit to be <br /> derived from such towing. He does not believe in legislating because <br /> of one bad winter. Perhaps there is some necessity for it in the <br /> downtown area, but not all the way out Catoctin Circle, Edwards Ferry <br /> Road and Loudoun Street. He asked that this be referred to. the Utility <br /> and Public Works committee for further discussion. - <br />