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P' <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, <br /> NOVEMBER 22 , '1978 . <br /> .A regular meeting of. the Leesburg Town Council was held in <br /> the Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, <br /> on November 22 , 1978 at 7 : 30 P .M. The meeting was called to <br /> order by the Mayor, with the invocation being given by Mr. Tolbert, <br /> and followed with the Salute to the Flag . Present were: Mayor <br /> Kenneth B. Rollins, Councilmembers Glen P. Cole , G. Dewey Hill , Jr. , <br /> Marylou Hill , Walter. F. Murray and John W. Tolbert, -Jr. ; also Town <br /> Manager John Niccolis. Absent from the meeting was Councilmember <br /> Stanley D. Herrel_1 , Jr. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of November 8 , . 1978 were <br /> approved as written. <br /> Manager ' s Report: <br /> (1) The audit for fiscal year 1977-78 has been received and <br /> shows the town to be in generally good financialconditi.on at the end <br /> of the year, despite some apparent weaknesses in the audit. For <br /> example : The Airport Fund showed a deficit of approximately $15, 000, <br /> which was -a reduction of the deficit carried over from the prior year. <br /> At the close of the construction project now underway and the re- <br /> ceipt of the grant moneys from the Federal and State government, <br /> this deficit will disappear and we should end the current year with <br /> �t. a surplus of at least $10, 000 and perhaps as much as $20 , 000 . <br /> !t' <br /> (2) ' The Activity Report shows that Blue Ridge Aircraft has <br /> paid the FBO fees that were in litigation. <br /> (3) The financial report for September was distributed to- <br /> night. They should have the report for October within the next 10 <br /> days or less and this will bring us current for the first time in <br /> sometime. Things are now better organized in they-Finance Dept. <br /> (4) Our permit to discharge wastes into Goose Creek has been <br /> renewed under the same terms as when it was issued in 1965 . <br /> (5) The sidewalk and curb and gutter repair bids have been <br /> sent out to interested contractors and advertised. This list of <br /> projects has been plotted on a 400 scale map which will be avail- <br /> able at the committee meetings next week. Council can add or de- <br /> crease items under the unit price contract. Also , the town has <br /> been made eligible for three CETA positions specifically for this <br /> type of repair. <br /> (6) Don Wagner of the Highway Department will meet with the <br /> Public Works committee Monday night at 7 : 30 F.M. - he is very anxious <br /> to answer questions regarding the Route 7 :East project. <br /> Mr . Hill asked that he be notified in the future when any item <br /> is coming before the County Planning Commission. He felt the Town <br /> should defend itself on any item even though it is felt they are <br /> on firm ground. Mr. Niccolls said the consultant and Mr. Shope <br /> were present on a recent matter but apparently they didn ' t carry <br /> the impact that an elected official would. Mr . Niccolis said Coun- <br /> cil will be routinely notified in the future. <br /> • <br /> Mrs. Hill reported that she has received telephone calls con- <br /> cerning bumps in the road both on Market and Loudoun Streets at the <br /> west triangle. Mr. Niccolls said he will look at _.this on Friday. <br /> Mr. Cole asked when the Public Works meeting is scheduled. Mayor <br /> Rollins felt this should be on the 27th - the regularly scheduled <br /> meetings are the Monday and Tuesday following the Council meeting . <br /> Mr. Tolbert said he has received similar calls on the street <br /> eit.uation at the west triangle. Also, the Activity Report shows <br /> that Blue Ridge Aircraft has paid its FBO fees. <br /> Mr. Niccolis suggested that perhaps the "cutover' of Morven <br /> Park Road between Market and Loudoun Streets might be paved if there <br /> is some tonnage left from street resurfacing. Council was in agree- <br /> ment to this. <br />