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9 3i <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, <br /> DECEMBER 13 , 1978 . <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in <br /> the Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, <br /> on December 13, 1978 at 7 : 30 P .M. The meeting was called to order <br /> by the Mayor, who gave the invocation, and followed, with the Salute <br /> to the Flag led by Mr. Tolbert. Present were : Mayor Kenneth B. <br /> Rollins, Councilmembers Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell, Jr. , <br /> G. Dewey Hill, Jr. , Marylou Hill , Walter F . Murray and John W. <br /> Tolbert, Jr. ; also Town Manager John_. Niccolls , Assistant Manager <br /> Jeffrey H . Minor , Director of Finance Donald O. Taylor and Town <br /> Attorney George M. Martin. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of November 22 , 1973 were <br /> approved as written. <br /> MANAGER' S REPORT <br /> Mr. Niccolls called attention to the written Activity Report, <br /> with comments on the following : <br /> (1) Evergreen Mill Wells - The town had a successful extended <br /> simultaneous pump test. Decisions made by the Council are being <br /> implemented. The design work being conducted by Bengtson, DeBell <br /> and Elkin is approximately 75 percent complete on the well building <br /> and field work necessary to lay out the new water route is in progress <br /> this week and probably complete by now. Tentative negotiations <br /> with Corman Construction Co. to construct the water line indicate <br /> that they are willing to do this work at unit prices bid this year. <br /> His work has been very acceptable thus far on the waterworks im- <br /> provement projects . The water line will require only soma 60 days <br /> to complete, but the well buildings, the pump and equipment, etc. <br /> will consume more time. A proposal will be submitted to the Public <br /> Works Committee next week basically suggesting that the Town act as <br /> its own general contractor and that authorization be given for cer- <br /> tain steps in purchasing and contracting procedures - this is so <br /> that these wells can be on line by June 1 . A great deal of thought <br /> has been given as to how the buildings , equipment, etc . can be <br /> made operational in as short a time as possible. This will be a, <br /> topic for discussion next week. We could be facing severe water <br /> problems if these wells are not on line by next June. <br /> (2) Potomac River Water Plant - The work being done by Betz- <br /> Converse-Murdoch is moving along on schedule. This work is being <br /> monitored very carefully - he meets regularly every two weeks with <br /> the President of that firm to see that their understanding about <br /> the work is in agreement and that their work is in progress. They <br /> have met once with the State Health Department engineering staff <br /> and had a productive meeting in Culpeper with the people who will <br /> be evaluating the design when it comes down the road. An earlier <br /> time schedule called for construction start by July 1 . Even though <br /> there have been delays in certain phases of the work , he feels it <br /> can stay with this July 1 date for start of construction. The <br /> earlier it is started, the cheaper it will be to build. This will <br /> involve in getting the plans back to Council . Next week Council <br /> will be considering the size of the transmission main -- the issue <br /> of 16-inch vs. 24-inch. A recommendation from the engineers will <br /> be included in the packet on Friday. <br /> Mr. Hill expressed the hope that the drawings on the parking <br /> lot will be deferred in order to discuss it at the Public Works <br /> meeting next week. He also understood that he is to represent <br /> the Council at the Board of Supervisors ' meeting concerning the <br /> commission permit for the water line. - He stressed that the Council ' s <br /> work comes before anything else with him. <br /> Mr. Tolbert called attention to an item in the Activity Report <br /> concerning the Airport Commission. He also asked that considera- <br /> tion be given to some spaces for handicapped persons on the new <br /> parking lot design. <br /> Mr. Murray asked that consideration also be given to a name <br /> for the new parking lot. Mr. Cole said he would like to be the <br /> first to purchase a parking permit on this lot. <br />