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X ?% X <br /> • <br /> �K� X <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, DECEMBER 27 , 241 <br /> 1978 . <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg .Town Council was held in <br /> -the Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, <br /> on December 27 ; 1978 at 7 : 30 P .M. The meeting was .called to order <br /> by the Mayor, with the invocation being given by Mr. Tolbert, and <br /> followed with the Salute to the Flag led by Mr . Cole. Present <br /> were : Mayor Kenneth B. Rollins , Councilmembers Glen P. Cole, G. <br /> Dewey Rill, Jr. , Marylou Hill , Walter F. Murray and John W. Tolbert, <br /> Jr. ; also Town Manager John Niccolls , Assistant Manager Jeffrey H. <br /> Minor and Director of Finance Donald O. Taylor . Absent was Coun- <br /> cilmember Stanley D. Herrell; Jr. ; who joined the meeting at 8 : 15 <br /> P.M. as noted in these minutes . <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of December 13 , 1978 were <br /> approved as written. <br /> MANAGER' S REPORT <br /> • <br /> (1) As requested at the last meeting, a written Activity Re- <br /> port was submitted with the Agenda. <br /> (2) The Virginia Health Department has given final approval <br /> of the water quality samples from the new test wells on Route 621 . <br /> (3) The Health Department has also approved, in concept, the <br /> r design report on the Potomac River Plant and has made some minor <br /> technical suggestions for revision before it goes into the final <br /> design. He sees no hurdles from their latest review of the plan. <br /> COUNCIL14Ei•LBER INQUIRIES AND COMMENTS <br /> Mr . Hill asked what implications are involved if the Town ac- <br /> cepts Community Development funds? Mr. Minor explained that these <br /> funds are 100 percent grant, with no local share involved at all . <br /> It must benefit almost exclusively low and moderate income home- <br /> owners . This is a pre--application and involves a lot of work. A <br /> full application must then be submitted which is even more lengthy. <br /> If the pre-application is approved, the application will most likely <br /> be approved. A housing assistance plan must be submitted and ap- <br /> proved. Fortunately Leesburg already has a large number of HUD 236 <br /> and Section 8 assisted housing. The Town ' s commitment is fairly <br /> limited because we have already met the required housing programs . <br /> Mr. Hill was concerned as to what commitment the Town would have <br /> on a long-range plan for storm sewers , sewerage, etc . - these <br /> are not designed for just the immediate problems . Mr. Minor said <br /> it is almost impossible to take into consideration any potential <br /> future development. We are trying to maintain and improve low- <br /> income and moderate-income family housing - not to create addi- <br /> tional housing. This question will have to be addressed when the <br /> pre-application is done -- he felt it could be resolved. Mr. Hill <br /> felt we should take care of our local problems, but his main con- <br /> cern is with future commitments.. <br /> Mr . Hill also called attention to an article in the newspaper <br /> tonight concerning the fact that the Manager forgot to advise Council <br /> members of the County Planning Commission ' s meeting with regard to <br /> the Town ' s commission permit for. the Potomac River Plant . Mr . <br /> Niccolls said he will advise Council when he is aware of these <br /> meetings, but he did not make himself aware of this particular one. <br /> He understood that the date for rehearing has been set for January <br /> 24th . Mayor Rollins felt that as many Council members as possible <br /> should be present at that meeting and said he would arrange to <br /> have this matter set either at the beginning or end of the meet- <br /> ing, probably at the beginning, in order that Council might con- <br /> vene its regular meeting on that date, most likely at 8 : 30 P.M. <br /> Mayor Rollins requested that the consulting engineer also be present. <br /> ?•1."_YOR'S REPORT <br /> Mayor Rollins asked for further explanation of the situation <br /> at Phillips-Nickels well . Mr. Niccolls explained that a smaller <br /> pump has been substituted and they are now able to draw a limited <br /> amount of water from the old well . The old one was taken out of <br /> service when we couldn 't pump 250 , 000 gallons on a regular basis <br /> without a lot of turbidity. We then tried to redevelop a new well <br />