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44: sem?t <br /> 34' MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, MAY 12, 1976. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on May <br /> 12, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. The_ meeting was called to order by the Mayor, <br /> with Councilman Chamblin offering the prayer and followed by the <br /> Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor G. Dewey Hill , Councilmen <br /> Charles E. Bange, James H. Chamblin, Mary Anne Newman, Robert A. Orr, <br /> James A. Rock and C. Terry Titus ; also Town Manager John Niccolls, <br /> Assistant to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor and George M. Martin, Jr. <br /> Town Attorney. <br /> Mayor Hill congratulated _the Mayor and Council members recently <br /> elected to take office on July. 1. He invited Mr. Herrell and Mr. Cole <br /> to join the Council on the rostrum and invited their comments. <br /> The minutes of the meeting of April 28, _ 1976 were approved . . <br /> as written. <br /> Mayor Hill invited comment from anyone present in support of a <br /> Petition to convert a portion of the parking meters in the Municipal <br /> Parking Lot to 2-hour meters. There was no-one in the audience to <br /> speak either for or against this Petition. Council members discussed <br /> this matter briefly. Mr. Niccolls said the redevelopment program for <br /> the parking lot proposes some 2-hour meters, however, it is not known <br /> yet if the ones mentioned in the Petition and those proposed are the <br /> same. It was suggested that the instigator of the Petition be advised <br /> of the program proposed by the Town and that Mr. Niccolls furnish other <br /> information to Council before a decision is made to change any of these <br /> meters . <br /> A Public Hearing was opened on an ordinance to amend Sec. 7-387 <br /> of the Town Code concerning parking in or obstructing fire lanes and <br /> the fine for violations of the same and concerning the penalties for <br /> violation of other parking regulations . There was no-one to speak . <br /> either for or against the proposed ordinance. Both Councilmen Titus <br /> and Rock felt that the penalty for parking in or obstructing fire <br /> lanes was not stiff enough. The Public Hearing was declared closed <br /> by Mayor Hill . <br /> 76-0-9 - Ordinance - Amending Sections 7-387, 10-161 and 10-162 of <br /> the Town Code. <br /> On motion of Councilman Rock, seconded by Councilman Orr, the fol- <br /> lowing ordinance was proposed: <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Leesburg, <br /> Virginia, as follows : <br /> SECTION I . That Sections 7-387 , 10-161 and 10-162 of the <br /> Town Code are hereby amended to read as follows : <br /> Sec. 7-387 . Parking in or obstructing fire lanes . <br /> (a) The parking of vehicles in or otherwise obstructing <br /> areas designated and marked or signed under this article is <br /> hereby prohibited. <br /> • <br /> (b) Any person violating the .provisions of this section <br /> shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by fine of not less <br /> than $5. 00 nor more than $25. 00 for each offense. <br /> (c) Any person may settle and compromise a violation of <br /> this section by paying to the Town the sum of $5. 00 before the <br /> next court date, which dates are on the first and third Monday <br /> of each month at 2 : 00 p.m. <br /> Sec. 10-161. General penalty for violation of division. <br /> Unless otherwise provided, any person violating the pro- <br /> visions of this division or any parking regulation promulgated <br /> pursuant to this division shall, upon conviction thereof, be <br /> punished by a fine of not less than $5. 00 nor more than $25.00 <br /> for each offense. <br />