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42 <br /> MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, MAY 24, 1976. <br /> A special meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held on May <br /> 24, 1976 at 7 :00 P.M. in the Council Chambers , 10 West Loudoun Street, <br /> Leesburg, Virginia, notice thereof having been mailed to all Council <br /> members on May 20, 1976. Acknowledgment of said notice was made by <br /> all members present and a copy of said Notice and acknowledgment is <br /> on file in the office of the Clerk. Present were: Mayor G'. Dewey <br /> Hill, Councilmen Charles E. Bange, James H. Qamblin, Mary Anne Newman, <br /> James A. Rock and C. Terry Titus ; also Town Manager John Niccolls. <br /> Absent at the beginning of the meeting was Councilman Robert A. Orr. <br /> The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hill , who stated that <br /> the purpose of this meeting is to reconsider a request by Village Square <br /> Antiques & Flea Market to hold antique shows on Sunday , June 6, 1976 and <br /> Sunday, October 3, 1976, and to approve the advertisement for the Budget <br /> hearing.' <br /> • <br /> 76-74 - Resolution - Granting Village Square Antiques & Flea Market <br /> permission to hold Antique Shows in Leesburg on <br /> Sunday, June 6 and Sunday, October 3, 1976. <br /> • <br /> On motion of Councilman Newman, seconded by Councilman Bange, the <br /> following resolution was proposed: - <br /> WHEREAS, a request has been received from Village. Square Antiques <br /> & Flea Market to hold antique shows on Sunday, June 6, 1976, and <br /> Sunday, October 3, 1976, on the streets of Downtown Leesburg, <br /> these shows to be sponsored by the Loudoun'Resboration and Preser- <br /> vation Society,. Inc. , and <br /> WHEREAS, ten percent of the rental fees derived from said an- <br /> tique shows will be given to the Loudoun Restoration and Preser- <br /> vation Society, Inc. , <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that' Village Square Antiques & <br /> Flea Market is hereby granted permission to hold such antique <br /> shows on Sunday, June 6, 1976, and Sunday,. October 3, 1976, in <br /> the following locations : <br /> King Street West side from Loudoun Street to Cornwall Street; <br /> Loudoun Street North side from Wirt Street toChurch Street; <br /> Market Street South side from King Street to Theatre; and <br /> Upper part of parking lot surrounding the Log Cabin, and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Village Square Antiques & Flea Mar- <br /> ket shall show proof of liability coverage in the amount of <br /> $500, 000, with the Town of Leesburg named as additional insured, <br /> said endorsement to be provided to the Town one week prior to <br /> the shows, and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the vendors ' license shall be waived <br /> for all exhibitors for these dates . <br /> After comments as to the feelings of each Council member concerning these <br /> shows, the resolution was adopted by a vote- of 3 to 2, with one absten- <br /> tion, as _shown: <br /> Aye: Councilmen Bange, Newman and Mayor Hill. <br /> Nay: Councilmen Chamblin and Rock: <br /> Abstention: Councilman Titus. <br /> Councilman Orr joined the meeting at 7 : 15 P.M. <br /> On motion of Councilman Newman, seconded by Councilman Bange, the <br /> proposed advertisement of the 1976-1977 Budget for Public Hearing was <br /> offered for discussion. On motion of Councilman Rock, seconded by <br /> Councilman Titus, an amendment was proposed to change the item of. <br /> "Refuse Disposal" under Summary of Proposed Expenditures from $90, 000 <br /> to $61, 000 and other figures affected thereby accordingly, and to change <br /> the proposed real estate tax rate from 70 cents to 65 cents. Councilman <br /> Rock explained that $61 , 000 covers the amount of the Refuse Disposal <br /> contrct proposal and that, since this figure is lowered, the proposed <br /> tax rate should be decreased also. Mr. Niccolls said these figures <br /> were prepared before the refuse disposal contract was received - he was <br /> in agreement with the proposed amendment. He did point out that there <br />