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! =t4 'io <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, JUNE 9, 1976. 47 <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on June <br /> 9, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor, <br /> with Dr. Orr offering the invocation, and followed by the Salute to <br /> the Flag. Present were: Mayor G. Dewey Hill , Councilmembers Charles <br /> E. Bange, James H. Chamblin, Mary Anne Newman, Robert A. Orr and C. <br /> Terry Titus ; also Town Manager John Niccolls, Assistant to the Mana- <br /> ger Jeffrey H. Minor and Town Attorney George M. Martin. Absent from <br /> the meeting was Councilman James A. Rock. <br /> The minutes of a regular meeting of May 24, 1976 and the regular <br /> meeting of May 26, 1976 were approved as written. . <br /> Mr. Frank Raflo suggested that perhaps Council might want to look <br /> into securing some monetary assistance for a redevelopment program <br /> in the block where the old ice house stood' - this is the only property <br /> in the downtown business area that is relatively. unencumbered with <br /> buildings . He also commented that people are looking for business <br /> and office space and there seems to be an air of optimism in Lees- <br /> burg. <br /> Mayor Hill opened the public hearing on the proposed budget <br /> CO for 1976-77 and the tax levy at this time. <br /> Mr. W. L. Johnson addressed his remarks to the County and Town <br /> increase in assessments of real estate, although both are proposing <br /> to lower the tax rate. He recommended that the budget be reduced <br /> substantially and that the tax rate be reduced accordingly. <br /> Col . Michael C. Grenata also referred to the increase in taxes. <br /> He also called attention to the larges items in the budget and sug- <br /> gested that, as a means to reduce the tax rate, perhaps -some of the <br /> storm drainage projects might be postponed to another year. <br /> Mr. C. A. English Cole asked for an explanation of specific <br /> items in the budget, with either Mr. Niccolls or councilmembers sup- <br /> plying the answers. He too had suggestions for cutting the budget, <br /> thus reducing the tax rate. <br /> The public hearing was declared closed. Final action to adopt <br /> the budget will be taken on. June' 23rd at the regular meeting of Coun- <br /> cil. <br /> 76-0-10 - Ordinance - Amending Section 2-28 and adding a new Section <br /> 2-31 to the Town Code. <br /> On motion of Councilman Orr, seconded by Councilman Bange, the <br /> following ordinance was proposed: <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Town of Leesburg as <br /> follows : <br /> SECTION I. That Section 2-28 of the Town Code is hereby <br /> amended to read as follows : <br /> Sec. 2-28. Order of business. <br /> (a) The order of business at regular meetings shall <br /> be as follows : <br /> Invocation <br /> Salute to the flag <br /> Roll call <br /> Approval of minutes <br /> Petitioners and Communications <br /> Public Hearing <br /> Legislation <br /> Ordinances r ' <br /> Resolutions <br /> Manager' s report <br /> Mayor' s report <br /> Committee reports <br /> Old business <br /> New business ' <br /> Adjournment <br />