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114 <br /> MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING OF. LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, SEPTEMBER 28, 1976. <br /> A special meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, notice <br /> thereof having been delivered to all Council members on September 27 , <br /> 1976. Acknowledgment of said notice was made by all members present <br /> and a copy of said notice and acknowledgment is on file in the Office <br /> of the Clerk. Present were: Mayor Mary Anne Newman, Councilmembers <br /> Charles E. Bange, Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell, Jr. and John W. <br /> Tolbert, Jr. ; also Assistant to the Town Manager Jeffrey H. Minor. <br /> Absent were Councilmembers• James A. Rock and 'C. Terry Titus . <br /> The meeting was called to order by the Mayor at 7 : 32 P.M. She <br /> ekplained that the purpose of this meeting is to consider a Grant <br /> application between the Federal Aviation Agency and the Town of <br /> Leesburg. In order �iuEhp Town to be eligible for these funds, it <br /> is necessary that tRe ra agreement be in the offices of the FAA <br /> by Thursday, September 30th. She explained further that if` this <br /> Grant agreement isvoted in the affirmative and the Town is success- <br /> ful in getting this Grant, the funds will be used for the following <br /> purposes : <br /> (1) To strengthen the run way(3500 ' x 75 ' ) <br /> • (2) Strengthen apvon (3111 sq. yd. ) <br /> (3) Construct parking apron(24, 000 sq. yd. ) <br /> (4) Relocate the wind cone and segmented circle <br /> (5) Construct two 1200 sq. yd. holding bays <br /> (6) Pavement marking <br /> 76-157 - Resolution - Adopting and approving the execution of a Grant ' <br /> Agreement between the Town of Leesburg and the <br /> United States of America, -Federal Aviation Ad- <br /> ministration, roviding for Federal aid in the <br /> development ofLeesburgMunicipal Airport, <br /> Route 643, Loudoun County, Virginia. <br /> On motion of Mr. Bange, seconded by Mr. Tolbert, the following <br /> resolution was proposed: <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Leesburg, Vir- <br /> ginia, as follows : <br /> SECTION I. That the Town of Leesburg shall enter into a <br /> Grant Agreement with the United States of America for the <br /> purpose of obtaining Federal aid in the development of <br /> Leesburg Municipal Airport by executing the Acceptance of <br /> a Grant Offer for ADAP Project No. 76-1-5-51-0027-01. <br /> SECTION II. That Mary Anne Newman, Mayor, is hereby author- <br /> ized and directed to execute said Grant Agreement, six <br /> copies, on behalf of the Town of Leesburg, and Dorothy B. <br /> Rosen, Clerk of Council, is hereby authorized and directed <br /> to impress the official seal of the Town of Leesburg, Vir- <br /> ginia and to attest said execution. <br /> SECTION III. That the Grant Offer referred to is incor- <br /> porated -herein by reference and a copy shall be filed in <br /> the office of the Clerk. <br /> Mr. Wayne Reynolds, representing Blue Ridge Aircraft, said the <br /> apron is in dire need of repair and, if another winter goes by as <br /> it is, it will become a safety hazard. <br /> Mr. Bange explained that this is the final result in Council ' s <br /> effort to obtain FAA and State funds to improve some of the facili- <br /> ties that are deteriorating. The original figure was around $80, 000 <br /> Town cost. With this grant and additional money from the State Cor- <br /> poration Commission, the Town' s share will be $31 , 995, which has al- <br /> ready been over-appropriated. Mr. Herrell emphasized the fact that <br /> none of this money is coming from the taxpayer' s pocket, it comes <br /> from rental of the airport over the past years. Mayor Newman said <br /> it is quite obvious that no money has been spent on the airport. <br />