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1 26 <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, NOVEMBER 10, 1976. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street,- Leesburg, Virginia on No- <br /> vember 10, 1976. The meeting was called to order at 7: 35 P.M. by <br /> the Mayor, with the invocation being given by Mr. Bange, and followed <br /> by the Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor Mary Anne Newman, <br /> Councilmembers Charles E. Bange, Gleri P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell , <br /> Jr. , James A. Rock, C. Terry Titus and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also, <br /> Town Manager John Niccoils, Assistant to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor <br /> and Town Attorney George M. Martin. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of October 27 , 1976 were ap- <br /> proved with one addition, that being to add the word "from" at the <br /> end of the first line in the middle of Page 122. <br /> Mr. Michael Curry addressed Council concerning the Rules and <br /> Regulations adopted two years ago for the Leesburg Municipal Airport, <br /> more specifically, the rule requiring that flight instruction must be <br /> conducted by the fixed base 'operator. Mr. Curry requested permission <br /> to conduct a part-time flight instruction activity - this to be a small <br /> operation (approximately 250 hours over a two-yearperiod and not a <br /> • <br /> revenue-producing activit)) - any money he makes is spent on maintenance <br /> of his personal plane. In fact, he found 'that very few -operations- at <br /> the Airport are in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. Mr. <br /> Niccolls said the rules and regulations have not been uniformly ap- <br /> plied to such occasional or even some regular operation's at the Blue <br /> Ridge area and this is one of the commitments the town will have to <br /> make to any new fixed base operator - "unauthorized" operations will <br /> not be permitted to continue at this- end of the field. However, he <br /> felt that an occasional operation' such as Mr. Curry's is not an un- <br /> reasonable request and he suggested that Mr. Curry submit a written <br /> request to be formally approved or disapproved by Council. <br /> Mr. David Pearce, who has been instructing at the Leesburg Air- <br />_- port since before the present airport was built, made- the same re- <br /> quest. He has been designated a pilot examiner by the FAA and is <br /> an aviation accident prevention counsellor and would like to see <br /> the airport maintained. He was willing to work out an amicable <br /> amount to -be paid to 'the' town for his activities. To Mr. Titus ' <br /> question, he replied that there are probably 25 to 30 others operat- <br /> ing on a part-time basis at the airport. Mr. Niccolls advised Coun- <br /> cil that the town has a list of persons and aircraft involved in <br /> commercial operations. The owners of the Blue Ridge lease have been <br /> informed that when a new fixed base operator starts , there will be a <br /> system that is fair, equitable and reasonable to get such people <br /> into compliance with the rules and regulations - nobody has any in- <br /> tention of closing down the airport. Mr. Pearce felt that Council has <br /> to weigh this very carefully insofar as the fixed base operator is <br /> • concerned. He felt that the people providing such services should <br /> pay an hourly rate to the town - they all have to share the cost of <br /> maintenance of the airport. <br /> • <br /> 76-0-20 - Ordinance - Amending Sections 10-162 and 10-179 of the <br /> Town Code. <br /> On motion of Mr. Rock, seconded by Mr. Tolbert, the following <br /> ordinance was proposed and unanimously adopted: <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Leesburg, <br /> Virginia, as follows : <br /> • SECTION I. Sections 10-162 and 10-179 of the Town Code are <br /> hereby amended to read as follows : <br /> Sec. 10-162. Settlement and compromise of charges for cer- <br /> tain parking violations. <br /> (a) Any person accused of parking in a metered area <br /> without putting a coin in the meter to cover the required <br /> time may settle and compromise the charge against him for <br /> such illegal parking by inserting, $2. 00- in the envelope <br /> provided for such purpose and depositing the same in one <br /> of the courtesy collection boxes attached to parking meter <br /> standards near the middle of each block by 7 : 00 p.m. on the <br />