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MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OE LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL AND PUBLIC HEARING 137 <br /> ON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUNDING PRE-APPLICATION, DECEMBER 8, 1976. <br /> A- regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was *held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia on De- <br /> cember 8, 1976. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor at 7 : 37 <br /> P.M. , with the invocation being offered by Mr. Cole, and followed <br /> with the Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor Mary Anne Newman, <br /> Councilmembers Charles E. Bange, Glen P. Cole, Stanley D. Herrell, Jr. , <br /> James A. Rock, C. Terry Titus and John W. Tolbert, Jr. ; also Town <br /> Manager John Niccolls, Assistant to the Manager Jeffrey H. Minor and <br /> Town Attorney George M. Martin. <br /> • <br /> The minutes of regular meeting of November 24, 1976 were approved <br /> as written. <br /> 76-178 - Resolution - Granting waiver of Chapter 9A of the Zoning <br /> Ordinance for use of 43 West Loudoun Street <br /> by Desert Design, a retail store. <br /> Mr. William Chamberlin of DeLashmutt Associates addressed Council <br /> requesting waiver of the site plan requirements for an existing dwell- <br /> ing located at 43 West Loudoun Street and owned by Dr. James T. Gable, <br /> et al. He explained that the only waiver being sought at this time <br /> is for the existing house and the parking behind it. Dr. Gable said he <br /> p has leased approximately one-half of the property to Desert Design, a <br /> retail business dealing in southwest furniture and jewelry. Thein- <br /> terior of the building has been altered, but he has made no changes <br /> to the outside structure. It is his intent, at a later date, to sub- <br /> mit a site plan that will encompass anything they need. Parking <br /> will be a part of this. Specifically, he is asking for waiver of the <br /> site plan requirements for the existing structure and parking behind <br /> - <br /> it in order that Desert Design might move in. There followed lengthy <br /> discussion concerning other uses to be made of the building in the fu- <br /> ture, with particular attention to off-street_ parking facilities. <br /> On motion of Mr. Herrell , seconded by Mr. Bange, the following reso- <br /> lution was proposed and unanimously adopted: <br /> RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Leesburg, Virginia, as <br /> follows : <br /> SECTION I. Requirements of Chapter 9A of the Zoning Ordinance <br /> are hereby waived to permit the use of 43 West Loudoun Street <br /> by Desert Design, a retail store, within the main structure <br /> only. _ <br /> SECTION II. Requirements of Chapter 9A of the Zoning Ordi- <br /> nance are waived on the condition that no off-loading of re- <br /> tail goods shall occur from the public right-of-way on West <br /> Loudoun Street. <br /> Aye: Councilmembers Bange, Cole, Herrell, Rock, Titus , Tolbert <br /> and Mayor -Newman. <br /> Nay: None. <br /> Mr. Michael Curry asked if any action has been taken by Council <br /> to grant him a variance in order that he might give flight instruction <br /> at the Airport. Mayor Newman advised that there has been no formal <br /> action by Council , however, she has done some investigating and finds <br /> there are a dozen or more others giving flight instruction, as well <br /> as other unauthorized activities at the Airport. Mr. Niccolls said <br /> he has talked with Mr. Curry and advised him where his application <br /> stands. This, however, raises a number of issues at the Airport <br /> which will be resolved in the next six to twelve months when a new <br /> operator takes over. Negotiations concerning a proposed assignment <br /> of the lease are nearing completion. He also said that, under the <br /> Rules and Regulations, there is no way that Council can legally or <br /> properly give Mr. Curry a license, an agreement, an authorization <br /> or approval to operate a part-time flight instruction service. To <br /> do so would require the Council to give all otherpersonswho make <br /> a similar request the right to operate at the Airport. CouBcilmam- <br /> bers were-in=agreement that - r. Curry' srequest could not be granted <br /> under the rules and regulations. He was advised that Council will <br /> take proper action to answer his request. <br />