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X25 <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF LEESBURG TOWN COUNCIL, JANUARY 28,1976. <br /> A regular meeting of the Leesburg Town Council was held in the <br /> Council Chambers, 10 West Loudoun Street, Leesburg, Virginia, on Janu- <br /> ary 28, 1976 at 7 : 30 P.M. The meeting was called to order by the <br /> Mayor, with Councilman Newman offering the invocation, and followed <br /> by the Salute to the Flag. Present were: Mayor G. Dewey Hill , Coun- <br /> cilmen Charles E. Bange, James H. Chamblin, Mary Anne Newman, Robert <br /> A Orr, James A. Rock and C. Terry Titus; also Acting Town Manager <br /> E. Wesley Devero and Town Attorney George M. Martin. <br /> The Minutes of a Public Hearing on January 6, 1976 and a Special <br /> Meeting on January 12, 1976 were approved as written. <br /> Acting Town Manager Devero reported the following: <br /> (1 ) The remaining vacancy on the police force was filled on <br /> January 16th with the hiring of Robert Allen Scott Berns . Jody Nick <br /> has been promoted to Assistant Plant Operator at the Water Pollution <br /> Control Facility - this leaves a vacancy for a plant laborer and they <br /> are currently advertising for this position. On January 29th, Carl- <br /> ton Longerbeam was promoted to Assistant Utility Lines Superintendent <br /> and Benjamin Day was promoted to Utility Maintenance Man. Hoy An- <br /> drews has submitted his resignation from the Water Department. <br /> (2) He met with Mr. McRainey from FHA in Richmond the past week. <br /> He has requested additional information on our loan. They are set- <br /> ting up a meeting for next Monday with Mr. Hawks in Richmond - Mr. <br /> Niccolls , the new Town Manager, Mr. Burt and he will attend. <br /> Councilman Chamblin said that, even though he could not be <br /> present for the last Council meeting, he did not feel that his vote <br /> would have changed the reappointment of Mr. Leach and Mr. Webb to <br /> the Planning Commission. He felt that Mr. Titus ' remarks were well <br /> taken and he hoped these remarks would cause the Subdivision and <br /> Zoning Ordinances to be brought up-to-date so that it will fit in <br /> with the Comprehensive Plan. He hoped this would be done before <br /> mistakes are made that cannot be rectified. He expressed his ap- <br /> preciation for those people who were present for the Airport Master <br /> Plan Hearing, however, he wished there had been more people from <br /> Leesburg. <br /> Councilman Newman thanked Mr. Devero for the research he did on <br /> unresolved items that she had questioned. <br /> Councilman Titus asked if the storm sewer has been constructed <br /> in the County Parking Lot. Mr. Chaves said he has received no in- <br /> formation from DeLashmutt Associates, nor from the County. He said <br /> the engineering has been done, but no work. Mr. Titus said the <br /> County was in such a big hurry to do this when it was requested - <br /> perhaps they should be required to go through the proper channels <br /> and procedures now. Mayor Hill asked if there has been any problem <br /> created by the rainy weather the last few days. Mr. Chaves said the <br /> back yards were full of water, as well as one-third of the parking <br /> lot. Mr. Titus said the Town also agreed that the County would not <br /> have to pave the parking area at this time. Excerpts concerning <br /> this matter were read from the Minutes of October 22, 1975. It was <br /> the consensus of the Council that the Town Manager contact the County <br /> about this project and, if nothing constructive is heard from them <br /> or done by the next regular Council meeting (February 11th) , Council <br /> will take appropriate action at that time. <br /> Councilman Bange expressed his personal thanks to Mr. Devero, <br /> who will be leaving the Town' s employ, for a terrific job, par- <br /> ticularly under the handicap existing when he took over as Acting <br /> Town Manager. <br /> Mayor Hill echoed Mr. Bange' s remarks. He felt that Mr. Devero <br /> has meant a great deal to the Town in his two years here and that, <br /> in turn, these two years have been of some import to Mr. Devero. <br /> Mayor Hill wished him success in his new job as a Town Manager in <br /> the State of Oklahoma. He also referred to the forthcoming birth <br /> of the Deveros ' child, feeling that this will be ever mindful to <br /> them of the Town of Leesburg. He even suggested appropriate names . <br /> A formal resolution will be made a part of the minutes at the next <br /> meeting. <br />