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The Town of <br />Leesburg, <br />Virginia <br />ORDINANCE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE: <br />PRESENTED: November 30, 2010 <br />2010 -0 -025 ADOPTED: November 30, 2010 <br />TO REVISE THE REVIEW AND INSPECTION FEE SCHEDULE <br />(EFFECTIVE MARCH 13, 2007) REFERENCED IN THE <br />SUBDIVISION AND LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS <br />(EFFECTIVE AUGUST 12, 2008) AND THE ZONING ORDINANCE <br />(EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 28, 2010) TO REVISE, INITIATE, AND <br />DELETE CERTAIN FEES CHARGED FOR TOWN SERVICES; <br />REVISE CERTAIN MISCELLANEOUS UTILITIES FEES <br />REFERENCED IN TOWN OF LEESBURG RESOLUTION 95 -96 <br />(AUTHORIZING THE TOWN MANAGER TO CHARGE FOR <br />MISCELLANEOUSE FEES AND CHANGES OF THE WATER AND <br />SEWER SYSTEM) ADOPTED MAY 9, 1995 AND 99 -131 <br />(AUTHORIZING AN AGREEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION <br />HYDRANT METER RENTAL) ADOPTED MAY 11, 1999, A <br />NOVEMBER 1, 2002 MEMORANDUM APPROVED BY THE TOWN <br />MANAGER CHARGING FEES FOR TUSCARORA LANDSCAPER'S <br />CHOICE (TLC), AND REVISING AND CODIFYING OTHER <br />UTILITIES FEES TO BE INCORPORATED INTO SECTION 34 OF <br />THE TOWN CODE; AND AMEND APPENDIX B (FEE SCHEDULE) <br />TO THE TOWN CODE FOR RIGHT OF WAY PERMITS (SECTION <br />30.2) <br />The Council of the Town of Leesburg in Virginia hereby ordains: <br />SECTION 1. At the request of the Town Council, the Department of Finance conducted <br />a study of Town fees that included an inventory of fees charged by the Town; a survey of <br />comparable fees charged by other jurisdictions; and a cost model that identified the full cost <br />recovery of each fee. <br />SECTION 2. As a result of the fee study, the Town Manager recommended changes to <br />the Review and Inspection Fee schedule referenced in the Subdivision and Land Development <br />Regulations and Zoning Ordinance; revisions to certain miscellaneous utilities fees; and amend <br />Appendix B (Fee Schedule) to the Town Code for right of way use permits based upon full cost <br />recovery, fees charged by other local jurisdictions for comparable services in the current market, <br />and the benefit certain fee supported services provide the general public. <br />